Welcome to official site of western Ukrainian folk band Burdon. Founded in 2002 group specialized first of all on perfoming Carpathian traditional music with a strong modern influences, but the roots of their inspirations are based on folklore from the whole Europe, through Skandinavian to Balkans.

Lvivs Burdon except all was giving free lessons of ancient Swedish dances.

Kyiv Post Ethnic Festivals in Rustic Retreats
Re:Kárpätîa | The first album of western Ukrainian folk-band presents the eastern European contemporary folk music from mysterious Carpathian region, inspired by Hungarian, Moldavian & Ukrainian traditional material, also including...
We would be glad to play a concert for you, and in case of a big hall, here's our equipment required
Olena Yeremenko
mob. +38 066 312 30 21

Rostyslav Tatomyr
mob. +38 050 868 21 50

the band are:
" Olena Yeremenko - violin, vocal
" Oksana Grynko - vocal
" Lubomyr Ischuk - taiko, percussions
" Ivan Ohar - double bass
" Rost Tatomyr - bouzouki, vocal, hurdy-gurdy

" Myhajlo Kachalov - fiddle, nyckelharpa

Musical term Burdon (drone from ukrainian, pronounced bourdon) is the one note permanent sound, can be heared on the background of musical melody mostly in old music. Also produced by folk instruments such as bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, jew's harp etc. as a basic tone.

The band was founded in 2002 in Lviv (Lwów, Lemberg, Western Ukraine) with an aim to play music inspired by eastern european and karpathian folklore. We're using acoustic folk instruments for the best reproduction of atmosphere of old dances which didn't change through centurys... But our music is not a real authentic reflection, we play modern folklore. We don't invent any new tunes, we play old and often very famous ones, with our own arrangement and modern influences. The band took part of the festivals:
  • Mystery 2002 (Lviv) Medieval Music Festival
  • Fliugery Lvova 2003 (Lviv's Wheathercocks, Lviv)
  • Svit Tradycij 2003 (World of Traditions, Kyiv) Ethno Music Festival
  • Mech Lutskogo Zamku 2003 (Sword of the Lutsk Castle, Lutsk)
  • Reivah 2004 (Ternopil')
  • Vakuum 2004 (Vinnytsia)
  • Sheshory 2004 Ethno Music Festival
  • Lemkivska Vatra 2004 (Zhdynia, Poland)
  • Novohrudok 2004 (Bielorusia)
  • Mech Lutskogo Zamku 2004 (Sword of the Lutsk Castle, Lutsk)
  • Mikolajki Folkowe 2004 (Lublin, Poland) Folk Music Festival
  • Sheshory 2005 Ethno Music Festival
  • Lemkivska Vatra 2005 (Zhdynia, Poland)
  • Europe Center 2005 (Rahiv, Ukraine)
We've started from nordic folk music. Also the band is working upon european folk and old dance music. The range of our ethnic interests is not limited to a certain region only, so we play also Belgian, English, French & Italian tunes. And our latest interests includes traditional music of Carpathian region (Hungary, Moldavia and of course, Ukraine).

Was born in Kirovograd. Education: Kirovograd musical school and college, Lviv music academy (violin).

She started practising violin while still being four years old. The first non-academic steps were taken together with the Kirovograd bands Ihtiandr Odin u Papy Delfin (Ihtiandrus is the Daddys Only Dolphin) and Madman. In 1998 already in Lviv, she performed with the Korolivski Zaitsi (Royal Rabbits), and later with folk-famous Pravo na Kazku. Also worked with Kyiv rock band Viranda and recorded acoustic album with vocalist Serhiy (Frantz) Frantsuzov from Sbei Pepels.

Quoting her: The folk which is the root of all music, appears to have the magical power of attraction. It enchants you in a wondrous way, and once you heard something truly shaman, you will never be the same.
With band Al playing the violin since its founding.

Was born in Uzhhorod. Education: musical school (classic guitar), Uzhhorod college of art, Lviv art academy (graphic design).

Start to perform in the beggining of 90-th in a few Uzhhorod rock and acoustic projects playing the guitar. Later, when move to Lviv, start to play percussion on the wave of interesting folk and old music. In 1998-2001 was a member of folk group Pravo na Kazku, where play the guitar and percussion. Also performed with Hlam, Ocheretianyj Kit, Soniah & many projects not developed to any identification.

He also found of photography. Working as a pre-press designer. Play the bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, darabuka and jew's harp. Also do the band's art directing.
special & permanent guests

Was born in Mariupol. Education: Donetsk art college, Lviv art academy (blacksmith faculty), where he has been developing taste and feeling for colour and harmony.

Ed loves music and its nature. Does not part with ethnic and folk music since 1997 when together with his wife Hanna were the creators of the folk-band Pravo na Kazku, where Ed sang, played the guitar and created songs. The band took part of the festivals:
  • Sribna Pidkova 1997 (Silver Horseshoe, Lviv)
  • Lvivski Bramy 1998 (Lviv Gates, Lviv)
  • Perlyny Sezonu 1999 (Pearls of the Season, Kyiv)
  • Chervona Ruta 1999 (Red Flower, Dnipropetrovsk)
  • Zdaerzenia 2001 (Lublin, Poland)
Theyre now bringing up their son, Nestor. Also do the jewelry. Working as a graphic designer. In the band he play the jew's harp, darabuka and other percussion.

Was born in Lviv. Education: choir college. Has an 17-years experience to play old music since 1986. Also the owner of huge number of ancient insTRuments.

Was a member of Leopolita (Lviv) and Gothica (Kyiv) ensembles. Sucsessfully toured Germany with Artes Liberales baroque choir (Kyiv) in 1993. Also performed with Green Sleeves and Ave Rosa (St. Petersburg). Founded renaissance choir Res Publica (1994) and Laterna Magica ensemble (1998). He also have passed many masterclasses, also in Jaroslaw, Poland. Play the lute, oud, bouzouki, violin, fiddle, tromba marina, and some wind instruments like flute. With band he played from april 2004.

Education: Lviv politechnik university (?geodezy). Since 1999 he was spied having his hands in performing with the Lviv acoustic (since 2002 medieval) project Ground Folk, where he played the classic guitar and baroque lute.

He also took a hand in creating musical settings for knights tournaments and historically reconsTRucted activities performed by Silver Wolf and Galician Lions clubs. He was into putting up the festival of the medieval music Mystery 2002 in Lviv, and as a participant took part in it being a member of Ground Folk ensemble and, of course, as a member of Burdon. In the band he played the guitar, mandoline and rebab till 2004.