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Welcome to official site of western Ukrainian folk band Burdon. Founded in 2002 group specialized first of all on perfoming Carpathian traditional music with a strong modern influences, but the roots of their inspirations are based on folklore from the whole Europe, through Skandinavian to Balkans.
Musical term Burdon (drone from ukrainian, pronounced bour-don) is the one note permanent sound, can be heared on the background of musical melody mostly in old music. Also produced by folk instruments such as bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, jew's harp etc. as a basic tone.

We would be glad to play a concert for you, and in case of a big hall, here's our equipment required

The band was founded in 2002 in Lviv (Lwów, Lemberg), Western Ukraine with an aim to play music inspired by eastern european and carpathian folklore. We're using acoustic folk instruments for the best reproduction of atmosphere of old dances which didn't change through centuries. But our music is not a real authentic reflection, we play modern folklore. We don't invent any new tunes, we play old and often very famous ones, with our own arrangement and modern influences.

We've started from nordic folk music. Also the band is working upon european folk and old dance music. The range of our ethnic interests is not limited to a certain region only, so we play also Belgian, English, French & Italian tunes. And our latest interests includes traditional music of Carpathian region (Hungary, Moldavia and of course, Ukraine).

The band took part of the many festivals in Ukraine, Bielorusia and Poland:

2002 Mystery Medieval music festival Ukraine, Lviv
2003 Fliugery Lvova Jazz & Folk music festival Ukraine, Lviv
Svit Tradycij Ethno music festival Ukraine, Kyiv
Mech Lutskogo Zamku Medieval festival Ukraine, Lutsk
2004 Reivah Rock music festival Ukraine, Ternopil
Vakuum Rock music festival Ukraine, Vinnytsia
Sheshory Ethno music festival Ukraine
Lemkivska Vatra Lemko festival Poland, Zhdynia
Novohrudok Medieval festival Bielorusia
Mech Lutskogo Zamku Medieval festival Ukraine, Lutsk
Mikolajki Folkowe Folk music festival Poland, Lublin
2005 Sheshory Ethno music festival Ukraine
Lemkivska Vatra Lemko festival Poland, Zhdynia
Europe Center Music festival Ukraine, Rahiv
2006 XII JAZ Festiwal Muzyki Improwizowanej Poland, Zabrze
Sheshory Ethno music festival Ukraine
Fliugery Lvova Jazz & Folk music festival Ukraine, Lviv
Ukraina VIVA! Art festival Poland, Wroclaw
Mikolajki Folkowe Folk music festival Poland, Lublin

" Olena Yeremenko - violin, vocal
" Oksana Grynko - vocal
" Lubomyr Ischuk - drums, percussions
" Ivan Ohar - double bass
" Rost Tatomyr - bouzouki, vocal, hurdy-gurdy
The first album of western Ukrainian folk-band presents the eastern European contemporary folk music from mysterious Carpathian region, inspired by Hungarian, Moldavian & Ukrainian traditional material, also including an ancient tunes of such small ethnic minorities like Csángó (hungarian minority living in Moldva, Romania), Lemko (living both in western Ukraine, eastern Poland & south-eastern Slovakia), Rusyn (minority of western Ukraine and eastern Slovakia), Boiko and Hutsul (Ukrainian highlanders minorities).
01. Gergelytánc | Sîrba - 6:21 An old Transylvanian dance from the Csángó people - Hungarian ethnic minority living to the East of the Carpathian Mountain, in Romanian Moldva.
02. Kadynja - 3:26 Traditional Moldavian dance, which reached us from Russia.
03. Ruzha (The Rose) - 3:29 This Lemko song we've learned from Julia Doszna.
04. Polsko-Magyar Set - 3:57 Balkan set which combines Polish & Hungarian melodies.
05. Chorna Kura (Black Hen) - 3:51 Folk song from lower Carpathian Mountains. Based on the Rusyn version, but the last verse we've heared from Lemkos.
06. Lábos Magyaros | Hojna - 5:20 The first part is the Hungarian chardash, which Mykhailo brought from Latvia, and the second one comes from the researchers of Csángó music, Hungarian folk music ensemble Esztenás Együttes.
07. Kolomyjka - 2:56 The set includes: Hutsul kolomyjka; Boiko kolomyjka, which raised from the depth of our unconscious with a little help from Orkiestra Sw. Mikolaja & Nadobryden; Hungarian dance.
08. Dushko Moja (My Sweetheart) - 3:09 An old Rusyn and Lemko ballad, which was recollected for Rost by Zmicer Vajciushkevich on Mikolajki Folkowe'04 festival.
09. Segoiner Polka - 2:53 This tune reached us from the Swedish collection of sheet music, and its name stands for "Gypsy Polka".
10. Mlynok (Windmill) - 3:04 A song from central Ukraine, which we've spiced up with Eastern drums, was inherited from cooperation with vocal trio Sonyah, where weve stole our vocalist Oksana Grynko.
11. Eddig Vendég - 5:47 Hungarian traditional song, which we learned from Muzsikás. Common story about the drunkard who refuses to leave the bar.
12. Rusalonky (Water-nymphs) - 1:00 Ancient Ukrainian song usually performed by females.
13. Horá - 5:12 Transylvanian folk dance Hora our fiddler Mykhailo has learned in ... Sweden.
14. Kecskés - 4:22 Ancient traditional dance from Csángó people. Their instrumental music preserves characteristic Romanian and Balkan rhythms.
15. Koliada (Christmas Song) - 3:32 "The Mother of God met three angels. Oh, the Holy Eve, three singing angels..."
  • Olena Yeremenko, - violin, vocal (10, 12, 15), little bells (15)
  • Oksana Grynko - vocal
  • Lubomyr  Ischuk - percussion, vocal (15)
  • Ivan Ohar - double bass
  • Rost Tatomyr - bouzouki, vocal (3, 5, 7, 11), hurdy-gurdy (1, 15)

    special guest:
  • Myhajlo Kachalov - fiddle, vocal (15)
This disk was recorded with two microphones and the tube pre-amp. direct to digital CD Recorder with no mixing, editing or overdubbing by Oleg Burdiak at St. Lazar Church in Lviv (Ukraine) in february 2006.
Vtiklä 2003
The programme includes our inspirations by Nordic folk dance music. We know that it's quite strange to play swedish folklore here in Ukraine, but exectly nordmans have teached us to play traditional tunes in such fresh and modern ways. We were happy to hear live some real legends of Nordic Folk revival (Hedningarna, Väsen, Triakel, Värrtina, Garmarna...)
But still these are our own, often modern versions of well known tunes, which weve learned from those (and not only those) groups. Weve trying to recreate the atmosphere of the pagan fiest, so well preserved in the Nordic music, and which has woken up in our hearts something so dear and familiar. Thus weve dead sure youll trace there the echo of not only the Scandinavian culture.

  • Staäs Polska Swedish
  • Bouree French
  • Ajde Jano Serbian
  • Polska in F Swedish
  • Hunting Polka Belgian

tel. mob.: +38 066 312 30 21
Olena Yeremenko

tel. mob.: +38 050 868 21 50
Rostyslav Tatomyr